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Investors turning to Latin America

World Cup, Olympics make Brazil attractive

The private sector is being urged to tap more trade and investment opportunities in Latin America, particularly Brazil, host of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

“Latin America is one of the great potential new markets for Thailand, given its vast population and resources as well as high purchasing power,” said Somkiat Anuras, vice-chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC).

He was part of a trade mission to Brazil and Panama from July 20-29 that was led by Thailand Trade Representative Vachara Panchet.

“But most Thai exporters remain reluctant to tap into the region,” said Mr Somkiat.

He said a TCC survey found export potential to Latin America especially good for furniture, food, plastics, spa products, herbs, auto parts and construction materials.

The chamber recently revised up its projection for Thai exports to Latin America to US$7.5 billion this year and at least $15 billion annually five years from now.

An earlier forecast called for only $5 billion this year and $10 billion by 2015.

Mr Somkiat said that Brazil, Latin America’s biggest economy and the world’s eighth largest, offered particularly good potential for Thai investors and exporters.

“The world is now eager to trade with Brazil due to its high and rising purchasing power and huge population of 192 million,” he said.

“More importantly, Brazil will host the next World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, which will provide opportunities for Thai contractors and souvenir producers.”

As the host of the world’s two biggest sporting events, Brazil will have to embark upon more construction for basic infrastructure, buildings, offices and residences as well as sports arenas, hospitals, hotels and shopping complexes, said Mr Somkiat. In this regard, he suggests Thai investors try to forge joint ventures with Brazilian investors.

Thai exports to Brazil were valued at US$1.22 billion (38.9 billion) last year, mainly automobiles and parts, rubber and machinery. However, Thailand suffered a deficit of $880 million with that country due to imports totalling $2.1 billion, mainly plants and related products, steel and steel products, other metals and jewellery.

Visit Limprana, chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries’ Food Industry Club, said Panama also offered a great potential for Thai investments, particularly in the food industry.

“Thailand could use the 77-kilometre Panama Canal … to distribute Thai goods to the rest of Latin America and the United States, thanks to the canal’s location as a perfect spot to serve as a food distribution centre,” he said.

The FTI recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Supermarket 99, the biggest supermarket in Panama, to promote fruits, foods and other products from Thailand. At least one food distribution centre will be set up in Panama.

Last year, Thai food exports to Panama were valued at 173 million baht, up from 124 million baht in 2008.

Thailand’s overall exports to that country totalled 6.33 billion baht last year, up from 5.61 billion baht in 2008. The main products were autos and parts, television sets and components.

Imports from Panama were valued at 512 million baht last year, up from 108 million baht in 2008, mainly steel and steel products.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Thailand Trade Representative Office and the embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Cuba will jointly host the Latin Business Forum 2010 in Bangkok on Nov 18 in a bid to promote trade and investment between Thailand and the region.

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LAN Airlines Monthly Statistics Report for July 2010

SANTIAGO, Chile–(Business Wire)–
LAN Airlines S.A. and its subsidiaries, (“LAN” or “the Company”) (NYSE: LFL /
IPSA: LAN), one of the leading airlines in Latin America, today reported its
preliminary monthly traffic statistics and punctuality indicators for July 2010.

System passenger traffic for July increased 14.5% as capacity rose 9.9%. As a
result, the Company`s load factor increased 3.2 points to 79.2%. International
passenger traffic accounted for approximately 70% of total passenger traffic.

Domestic passenger traffic in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador rose 17.6% as
capacity increased 8.9%. As a consequence, the domestic load factor for the
month increased 5.8 points to 78.9%.

International passenger traffic for July grew 13.3%, while capacity increased
10.3%. Accordingly, the international passenger load factor for the month
increased 2.1 points to 79.4%. During July, international capacity was mainly
driven by an increase in operations on routes to the United States, as well as
certain Regional routes.

During July, cargo traffic increased 20.7%. This increase was mainly due to the
recovery in imports to Latin America driven by Brazil and the increase in
operations to Europe with the B777-200 freighter fleet. In-line with higher
demand, capacity grew 19.7%. As a result, the cargo load factor rose 0.5 points
to 67.9%.

During July, 74.0% of the Company`s total flights left on time based on a
fifteen-minute standard (all departures leaving within fifteen minutes of the
scheduled departure time are considered as “on-time”). This represented a
decrease of 18.9 points compared to July 2009.

About LAN

LAN Airlines is one of the leading passenger and cargo airlines in Latin
America. The company and its affiliates serve over 70 destinations around the
world through an extensive network that offers full connectivity within Latin
America, while also linking the region with North America, Europe and the South
Pacific, as well as 70 additional international destinations through its various
alliances. LAN Airlines and its affiliates have a leading position in their
respective domestic markets of Chile and Peru as well as an important presence
in the Argentinean domestic markets and having completed one year in the
Ecuadorian domestic market.

Currently, LAN Airlines and its affiliates operate one of the most modern fleets
in the world, with 87 passenger aircraft, and its cargo subsidiary, LAN CARGO
and its respective cargo affiliates, have a fleet of 11 dedicated freighters.
The Company has one of the youngest fleets in the world, which has meant greater
efficiency and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, reflecting its strong
commitment to environmental protection.

LAN is one of the few Investment Grade airlines in the world (BBB). The
company`s world class quality standards enabled its membership in oneworld, the
global alliance which LAN has been a member of for over 10 years that
encompasses the best airlines in the world. For more information please visit
http://www.lan.com or http://www.oneworldalliance.com

Note: Domestic passenger statistics include domestic operations in Chile, Peru,
Argentina and Ecuador.

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