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Chile Foreign Investment: Spencer Global Opens Offices in Frutillar, Chile

July 27, 2010 — According to the U.N., Chile had the largest growth in direct foreign investment of any Latin American country in 2010 so far, surpassing both Brazil and Mexico. Amazingly, Chile managed positive growth in the first quarter of 2010 after both suffering an historical 8.8 magnitude earthquake this year and weathering the ongoing Global Financial Crisis. This rock solid stability has earned Chile a special label as an “advanced developing country” and at the same time renewed interest from people both wishing to live in Chile and searching for safe-haven investment destination.

In response to the increasing interest by small to medium size investors in Chile, and Southern Chile in particular, Spencer Global has now opened a second office in Frutillar to better services private international investors in Southern Chile. The Frutillar office of Spencer Global complements the existing office in the fast growing City of Temuco. While the Temuco office of Spencer Global focuses mainly on corporate clients and international cases outside of Chile; the Spencer Global office in Frutillar will focus on servicing individual investors, retirees, and expats in Chile looking for a safe and pristine place to live and work.

About Frutillar Frutillar, Chile is a small town strategically located in Southern Chile at a crossroad to Argentina, Patagonia, Puerto Montt.

After several years of study, the team at Spencer Global determined that the town of Frutillar was perfect for the market they represent of retirees, families, and foreigners with small private investment. The town of Frutillar sits on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, about 20 mins from the larger town of Puerto Varas and the regional capital of Puerto Montt. Frutillar offers an exclusive community in the South of Chile, with all the elements that foreigners relocating or investing in Chile look for in a community.

Just a few of the larger direct foreign real estate investment projects taking place in Frutillar is the construction of the Teatro del Lagos project. The Teatro del Lagos (Theater of the Lake) is slated to be one of the largest and most advanced concert halls in Latin America featuring performers from around the World.

Additionally under construction is the Patagonia Virgin in Frutillar, that will include a Hyatt hotel and a Jack Nicklaus designed eighteen hole golf course overlooking the lake. Together with the other regional attractions such as ski resorts and fly fishing, Frutillar makes for a perfect operational base in the South of Chile.

“After extensive research and debate, we felt Frutillar both directly and indirectly was a strategic location for Spencer Global to provide services to our clients in the southern regions of Chile”, says Charles Spencer, General Manager and founder of Spencer Global.

About Spencer Global Spencer Global provides personalized legal and investment support services to private individuals and investors in Chile. Spencer Global’s clients range from individual retirees and families to small foreign run tourism businesses to multinational corporations wishing to import or export products.

Charles Spencer continues, “There are many international law firms in Chile, but most are limited in scope of their reach to Santiago and the Central Region of Chile. Spencer Global is unique in that we are the only full services international law firms in Chile with English Speaking Lawyers that specializes in representing foreign clients beyond Santiago and the Central Regions of Chile.”

In regards to what sets Spencer Global apart, Charles Spencer says, “traditional law firms and lawyers in Chile often lack the local connections and experience to properly represent foreign clients in the regions and rural areas of Chile. That is where the best untapped investment opportunities are to be found in terms of things like real estate and export opportunities. Representing foreign clients in these remote areas of Chile calls for a special set of skills and resources that at Spencer Global we have worked hard to foster across our organization.”

Spencer Global Specializes in providing legal services and investment support to small and medium size business, along with private individuals across Chile. Spencer Global also sponsors a series of web sites for foreigners and expats in Chile such as All Southern Chile and Patagonia and All Chile Forum, geared towards encouraging retirees, families, and private entrepreneurs to relocate and invest in Chile.

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