Uruguay – La Paloma—The Perfect Summertime Getaway

La Paloma is one of the most beautiful bathing resorts in Uruguay. Its serenity, its pristine beaches, and its rhythm makes it a unique and magical place. Located on Cape Santa María, this small seaside village lies 240 kilometers from Montevideo, 160 kilometers from Chuy, and 100 kilometers from Punta del Este.

One of the main oceanic bathing resorts in the Department of Rocha, La Paloma was named by sailors, most of them fishmongers, who would spot the silhouette of a bird on the coast.

Characterized by its beautiful beaches, the resort offers visitors a range of activities and good quality facilities for an enjoyable stay, both in the warm summer nights and in the wintertime.

Its steady population does not surpass 5,000, but during the summer, with tourists and part-time inhabitants, that number increases significantly.

Avenida del Navío (Ship’s Avenue) takes visitors from the main road to the small commercial and shopping center that has emerged at La Paloma.  It is considered to be the main street, and crosses the city up to the intersection of Solari Avenue and the bays known as Grande (Big) and Chica (Small), right off the shores of small La Tuna Island. The most modern and luxurious buildings are in this area. There are also schools, a cultural center, a police department building, a fire department building, and the old cinema. Solari Avenue has the most stores, the casino, the handicrafts markets, the Town Hall, and one of the most emblematic hotels in town: Hotel Cabo de Santa María.

The old city shell is ideal to go for a walk. Follow the streets to the sea, where you’ll find the lighthouse and the most ancient and traditional houses in town; this is where the first dwellers used to reside. Apart from being rented during the high season, these houses are the best-preserved historical heritage in the city, and most of them even date back to the days of La Paloma founding.

Then there are the beaches, each of them with their own geography. Some of them feature quiet waters, such as the ones around the bay; others have big waves perfect for surfing such as La Balconada, El Cabito, and Los Botes.

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